The new

Hello everyone! We hope we didn't alarm anyone with the sudden change, but this design has been in the works for some time now. Here's the break down on how the sections work above you.

Menu Bar

  • C4tv hosts all of our C4 videos from youtube, and feature videos.
  • Features will host our monthly ladies, rides, products and more
  • Automotive hosts the direct links to TeamC4 and C4 Designs
  • Magazine section allows you to purchase the current issue and info on getting featured in our magazine
  • Store hosts decals for members, and other decals as well.
  • Merchandise takes you directly to our clothing store
  • Media hosts our special event galleries and photography
  • Design hosts all of our custom rides from C4 Designs
  • Mobile has the direct link to our mobile app on iphone/ipad
  • About has information about C4, HPL, advertising information, copyright info, etc
  • Contact page is simple, our contact!
Frank "Sonic" Castaneda