HPL Issue 3 Delay & Decal shipments

Well this storm has seriously dented the downtime on many projects around here in HPL. From a few car builds to the work on the magazine. HPL will be hustling hard this week to finish up Issue 3, and contact all the rides and models that made it to this issue. Also we are changing up on how we are going to publish these next issues. We are going to start running 4 times a year. Since the work load is alot and its mostly one person behind it all. This way we can continue to bring you awesome issues. 

And for customers that ordered logos. No fear the new shipment is a few days away from getting here, and you will be getting another same decal for free for the wait time. Our apologizes on that. But with this storm everything went down hill. Well thats it for now. Keep it custom folks!

Frank "Sonic" Castaneda