HPl Issue 4 Cover Sneak Peek

Well Since the mag is our "hobby" We dont release it monthly, that and lack of a huge staff to help write, publish, etc makes it a bit harder then normal to pump out as much as we would want too. But that doesnt stop us, So since it is C4's 13th anniversary why not have some fun with our magazine and thank all the past cars that have come thru the doors of C4.  

HPL Issue 4 will feature all of our retired members, and HPL Issue 5 will feature all the fresh blood C4 has gained. Making it a cross over cover issues. First time we attempt this but its going to be fun! HPL Issue 4 will launch August 2013. And soon after HPL Issue 5 will launch Sept 2013.  

So here's the first cover sneak peek. Enjoy!