Upgrades, changes, tweaks and more, starting 2014 on track.

 Many different changes and upgrades are coming now to c4lifestyle.com So here's the breakdown folks.

C4 Garage (formally C4 Designs) is now part of C4 Lifestyle 

All the builds, custom parts, emblems, C4 Edition rides, SONIC SUV, and everything that was in C4 Garage (C4Designs) is now housed here in C4 Lifestyle under C4 Garage. Created a speciality blog on tumblr where it breaks down more in detail the images of the builds, but the rest will be featured here. 


Now officially we offer web design, graphic design and more. Opening the doors to do work with more companies and small businesses, so if your interested in what C4 Lifestyle can offer you, check out the gallery You can find the section on the bottom of this site under Other Goodies.


Well we're pumping out more then HPL issues now, but now we house our magazines, books, photography series. 

 On our social side, C4 Garage facebook page will merge to C4 Lifestyles. Same with Twitter accounts. Everything with TeamC4 will be the same, but now its C4 Lifestyle & TeamC4. Keeping things more organized. Hope you enjoy the new look, and feel and overall C4 goodness. Stay warm folks!