Powder coating coming soon, and more goods

And just like that, thanksgiving is around the corner. Year has passed by pretty quick this time around. Many projects on the car side of the world. Next season I will be doing powder coating. Won't be able to do rims yet, but I will be able to do small parts and intakes, etc. I'll have a better run down in the up-coming weeks. 

Over at C4 Garage. Cars are back to the drawing board. Blue's getting some upgrades for the next season, as well as shadow. New project car 2013 Accord Sport getting some C4 love, I'll have  pictures soon of the upgrades and goodies the car is getting. 

Back to the nerd side. All iOS apps will be getting a revamp update to iOS 8. Also C4 Lifestyle for iOS will be getting rebranded to HPL. So the main apps for iOS will be HPL / TeamC4 / SONIC SUV & Shadow SUV.

Over to HPL. The sub-brand from C4 Lifestyle. Working on it's own separate website from C4. The magazine, books, and store will be getting moved over to that. But the move will be slowly. But you can always check out the updates here and the behind the look over at the tumblr page. 

Now to the knuckle heads. TeamC4 gets a minor update to the site, New opener page, and member galleries will be getting a nice upgrade as well. 

Well as always, looking to do some work. email me for your free price quote. Have a great weekend and i'll see you on the next update.