Long over due.

Too many projects. Haven't had much time to even sit down to write and update the sites. But its a nice monday and not that packed with work. So why not? Well the site as you can tell has gotten a face lift, Also The garage will getting an update soon over the season break. Update the new cars, projects etc. 

Also C4 Lifestyle for iOS is going to get updated to match the site. As well as the rest of the apps in the family. HPL Magazine is officially on the back burner (for now) While more and more projects come up Not enough hours in the day. 

C4 Gaming section is going to get its first update with the custom Gameboy Micros getting the C4 treatment, as well SEGA Nomads getting some custom love as well. But i'll have more on that later on during the week. Its time to get get cracking back on the rides. As always my friends keep it custom


Frank "Sonic" CastanedaComment