Happy New Year from C4!

Truly a fresh new year, I'm hoping everyone had a great and fun new years. Now that its 2016. Its time to get the gears cranking up with the mods. So here are a few updates in general around here.

C4 Lifestyle is officially launching on Apple News. For users that have iOS9, you'll see the news app, well simply search for C4 and boom, there we are. You will be able to keep up to date with this site, our team c4 site, events, and updates on sonic, shadow, and the rest of the other builds around here. 

HPL Brand is up and running great! Many thanks for everyone that has liked the shirts, and hoodies, more designs are coming so stay tuned on that.

Reviews! Ahh yes more reviews, there was a delay on the iPad Pro, because of the famous delay of the Apple Pencil. But now that everything is in, i'll finally get to do the review on that. 

There is a new Events section here ill post up where ill be in general with any events. Well thats it for today! Back to the grind!