We've revamped our store and other goods

You'll notice the store is no longer active here on the site. For a while I have been working on a new brand for our store line. So from our slogan of C4 Hobby Passion Lifestyle, I decided to branch out the HPL into it's own entity. 

So now I have launched HPL Brand. (www.c4hpl.com) our apparel and accessories store. This opens more doors on doing more special edition stuff with the C4 name, as well as open new doors with HPL. A branch outside of C4. 

It will be fun to see what more creative stuff can flow out the doors of HPL. But I"m excited to see this new idea as something new and something more to add to the C4 portfolio. 

Our TeamC4 section will be still live and kicking just those items will be strictly members only section (TeamC4 Members). C4 Lifestyle related item will be special edition or (one of kind items) to showcase what I can design. And all the stickers, etc will be redirected thru HPL site. 

So what are you waiting for! visit our new apparel store! www.c4hpl.com