New Updates, Parts Car for sale, etc

Well as the season begins here with shows, events. etc. Less time to sit down and actually update the sites. But its a nice sunday relaxing one, finally a chance to catch up. 

Well first things first. I have a 1993 Cadillac Sedan Deville parts car. I ended up grabbing a clean 93' to swap some parts for my 91 deville (sonic deville) But i do have a mess of parts. Blue leather.  Motor is strong 88k miles, and transmission is smooth. Engine needs a AC compressor thats it. So ill be making a page that shows all the crap I have to get rid off from this car rest is getting junked. 

Ill be (attempting) to update the site this week more I have a ton of projects I'm finishing up so ill be uploading images, and some videos as well.

C4 Youtube page will officially go live in Mid-June 2017. Gives me time to take some nice videos edit and upload them. And from there we'll see where the page takes us.