Well thank you everyone for the likes and subscribes on our youtube!

Well its been pretty hectic around here, definitely keeping myself busy past few months. Even though we have had our youtube channel up for years, it was one of those bite the bullet moments. And well I can't thank you guys enough! We are close to hitting 1000 subscribers and all of our videos so far top the 1k mark. So thank you everyone. 

I'm liking this video creating scene. So while i update the sites, i'll be editing more videos later on today. I do plan on releasing one video per week or every two weeks. Since we do have our down time from the shows coming up in the end of october. 

We do have plenty of build videos we will be doing around november and as long as its not ass biting cold out. But yeah, we'll definitely have fun videos for you guys. So from all of us here thank you again for the love and support! Link is below to our channel!


Frank "Sonic" Castaneda