Updates, upgrades, moving and more

Well now after years of housing everything in-house. Finally its happening. Starting March 2018. All products under HPL Brand will be moving over to C4 Lifestyle. HPL Brand will still be our Apparel line, but it will be hosted right here on this site. No more external websites to host our products and apparel. 

One stop site for everything. All remaining orders will be processed this month and the last week of February 2018. HPL Brand (site store) will close. Officially making the move to here. 

Menu on this site has been updated to officially host our apparel line, as well as a few changes. While C4 Lifestyle still provides services such as graphic work, web design, etc. It will be listed on the bottom of the site on the sub-menu. 

We are focusing on other projects such as the magazine, youtube content and other surprises coming later on this season. 

And also now thanks to being able to host our apparel and in-house products right here on site. We can offer even more goods that with other companies it becomes a pain to manage dealing with so many third-party companies. So get ready for even more cool apparel and gear. 

Thank you everyone for the support on the brand and the apparel line. We are having so much fun making these shirts and we have a lot more to do!