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Updates, upgrades, moving and more

Well now after years of housing everything in-house. Finally its happening. Starting March 2018. All products under HPL Brand will be moving over to C4 Lifestyle. HPL Brand will still be our Apparel line, but it will be hosted right here on this site. No more external websites to host our products and apparel. 

One stop site for everything. All remaining orders will be processed this month and the last week of February 2018. HPL Brand (site store) will close. Officially making the move to here. 

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Updates for Jan/Feb 2018

Another day, another adventure. While all events are starting to get uploaded on the team side, new events are being added to this side with press events, media coverage and more. New sections have been added with our new Brand Ambassador section and our new C4 on Spotify playlist section as well. 

Review section will be getting an overall later next month to make room for some new tech gear, videos and more. Also reviewing some fashion gear as well.

So exciting stuff coming this year! And ask for the builds, yeah all getting a makeover soon, you know the drill. Stay tuned! 

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C4 Lifestyle website v10.2

Well with the day down time, figured why not revamp the site. Officially running faster and smoother. And more organized. Bottom of the main page will host the latest projects, from tech to cars, but it will be featured front and center. Also will be adding new designs from the HPL Brand store front so you guys can see the newest designs going live.

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