SONIC SUV gets some love from Kinetik

SONIC SUV at the OC Car Show 2016

Well SONIC SUV gets some love from Kinetik. The newest Sponsor for baby blue! Many thanks to Kinetik for the huge help on getting all of my entertainment powered the right way at the shows. Awesome products and something I would say it is C4 Approved. So go check out the batteries and chargers Kinetik makes!

Kinetik Power 

New websites launched, more to the portfolio!

As usual, working here on the off time and weekends. While C4 LIFESTYLE works as the central hub of everything we do, and what goes around here, like the team, builds and now store. Just as the duo got their own IG accounts, I'm also making two websites to host the rides alone. outside of this hub. so fans of either rides will get more updates, check out more photos, media etc. 

This will be fun new project to try out at shows, etc. So SONIC SUV has been launched so log on check it out, ill be posting on that soon. Expect shadow's site to launch later on this week. 

Sonic enters the battle!

Profile for Frank on Tuner Battlegrounds

Another year, another new battle! Sonic enters the ring. Tuner Battlegrounds 2015 Starts in OC Car Show, so help blue out, and vote for the sonic truck!…/224-frank-castaneda

Thats the link. Go check out the profile and vote! 


Its been a while...

Yes, I know its been a while. Been keeping busy as usual around here. But heres the low down! Blue has new sponsors for 2015! So many thanks to Meguiars, Grant Products, Sick Speed, Rim Blades, Very happy to be part of the family! So ill be updating the car builds section later on today, or next week with the logos of partners. 

Shadow gets some love from Forever Sharp Steering wheels! Also the 91 Sonic Deville gets some love from Forever Sharp. 

Here are the links! 

  • Sick Speed -
  • Forever Sharp -
  • Grant Products -
  • Rim Blades - 
  • Tred Wear Tire Lettering -

Ill be updating photoshoots with the installed products this week.