HPL is coming back

After taking a break, and honestly at the rate I'm going with. Why not? Because what is sleep? And after having it been cooking in the back of mind. HPL will come back as maybe a 3 part for the volume. We'll see how it goes. End of the day, its just me behind the steering wheel so I'll work on it on days off.

But yeah, we're back...

Want to be featured? We'll be looking for cars.photographers & models. 

For the Ladies

  • Full Name
  • Age
  • Location
  • High Res Pictures
  • How you got started
  • What you like about the car scene

For Vehicle Owners

  • Full Name
  • Car Info
  • Location
  • Full Mod Sheet
  • How the build got started.
  • Any Awards?
  • Any Sponsors?
  • High Res Photos

Email all that good stuff to / Subject HPL Mag