Whats in my Backpack? What Gear do I use?

Everywhere I go, people are always asking me what gear I use, or what I even use for events, etc. I figured why not make a post on it and showcase all the gear I use. Because it isn't the same gear all the time, I do switch around from time to time, from the what I call the "Show Bag" and the Daily bag. Ill have the all the tech I can find on the amazon wish list for you guys to get cheaper.


  • iMac 27" 
  • 2 HP 32" LCD Monitors
  • Macbook Pro 13"

Show Tech Bag

  • Incase DSLR Backpack Heather Grey
  • DJI OSMO 4k
  • Nikon D3400 and/or Nikon D3000
  • SONY NEX-5T Vlog Camera
  • DJI Mavic Pro 
  • GoPro Hero Plus
  • Incase Accessory Organizer (6)
  • Aukey 30k Power Bank
  • Macbook 12" SpaceGrey
  • 1 TB Portable SSD
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Aukey 3000 Meh Power Bank
  • Cobra Power Bank with Car Clamps

Daily Tech Bag

  • Incase Icon Backpack Silver
  • Nikon S1 Compact 
  • Sony NEX-5T
  • DJI OSMO Mobile
  • DJI Spark
  • GoPro Hero
  • Macbook Air 11"
  • 500GB Portable SSD
  • Nintendo 2D XL