Another beautiful crafted product from the awesome people at Nomad. Meet the simple man's wallet. The man that doesn't like to carry a lot with him. This my friends is the perfect product for you. 

Nomad has figured out a way to continue the classic design of a bi-fold wallet and bring it to the 21st century. Jam packing a 2400mAh battery that can give you one - two full charges (depending on your usage of course) While at the same time keeping everything organized, and not needed a backpack. 

The wallet itself looks and feels up to the challenge of the most expensive brands in my opinion (coach, etc) and wins. Like I stated before, this wallet is perfect for the on the go person that doesn't like to carry a lot of stuff. Keep it simple. iPhone, keys, wallet. 

I began my review of the wallet by taking it down to the OC Car Show this past June. While at the show, you never really have a chance to sit down and charge ( or even breath really ) because you are always attending to people asking questions, talking to the judges, or even helping fellow team members out. Slowly you begin to use your social apps to upload pics, videos, etc. Before you know it the iPhone is at 20-30%. I popped out this bad boy wallet and with the iPhone cable kept everything pretty much in the pockets. Never did anything else and kept on doing what I was doing. 

Now granted my tech bag is full of devices, and nomads other charger. But for the review I wanted to see if this could survive an 10 hour day with no problem or me not going for the backpack. I was simply amazed. Performed better than expected. Now to note I carry two iPhones. And I was able to fully charge both of them in one day. (Again my iPhones were at 40% and 30%). Got to the hotel, charged the wallet over night, and day two and three of the show again performed amazing. 

Now to the other side of the review where I stated this wallet is made for the simple man in mind. When I work on cars, (and especially in this heat) I throw on some shorts, a shirt and get to work. I hate having bulking stuff in my pockets while I work. Sometimes I'm underneath a car, etc. Stuff falls out and its a real royal pain. And I'm on the phone pretty much for hours if not searching for parts, talking to companies, etc. I have found myself quickly going for the wallet to charge up and keep going. Or charge while I'm on the phone, or updating social networks. 

Also for the gym. Beyond perfect. Thats literally phone, keys and wallet. But working out listening to some Apple Music you make sure the phone is at 90-100% with no issues. This wallet has become the second life line when I don't have a backpack with him, or just don't have a outlet near by to plug in. 

Truly this wallet is worth the money (and now that its even cheaper!) So I would definitely invest in this wallet. Beautiful, simple, classy, and always keeping you charged up. This wallet is definitely C4 Lifestyle Approved

Final Thoughts


  • Not made for the person with 15 credit cards, cash, etc. 
  • Not made for the person that wants to carry change on them.
  • Only for iPhone. Would be nice to see one made for Android owners


  • The black leather just makes it look classy
  • Power bank can definitely save you if you need a boost
  • Priced at $100.00 it was a great buy, and now its even cheaper.
  • Built in Lighting cable, no need to carry more stuff.
  • Keeps everything organized 
  • Apple Approved