As apple gadgets come and go, many companies branch out with new ideas, concepts, and designs to attract the buyer. From the second I saw this little guy, I knew I had to get my hands on one. This is Nomad's Pod Pro, a slick device that not only charges your Apple Watch, but will so charge up your iPhone / iPod and even the iPad (more on that below).

Now with being on the go all the time. From car show to car show, out filming. You tend to use the battery up pretty quick on the iPhones (especially having two on me at all times) And my apple watch. This little guy does it all. Cranking out 6,000mAh to be able to charge the iPhone 7 Plus twice and Apple watch twice as well. Now the testing was done more with having the both iPhone Plus's at 50% battery life and the Apple Watch at 30% 

And yes I was able to get a bit of juice to my iPad Pro 9.7" to get some work finished and the Pod Pro came in to save the day.

The look and feel of this makes it up to par with Apple's own styling. It does not feel cheap by any means. With solid weight in the hands and giving that Space Grey look and feel (that I love so much) Its just awesome to have, and to even look at. Now the only down side that i saw is for Apple watch lovers of the closed bands You will have issues charging your watch on the Pod Pro. I personally have not had this issue because all my bands are open. But just for FYI if you love your closed bands, you'll have to take off one side to be able to charge the watch on the pod pro. 



  • Portable 
  • Charges iPhone 7 Plus (twice)
  • Charges Watch to 100% (Once)
  • Solid Weight 
  • Apple Style Look 


  • Battery is only 6,000mAh
  • Closed Bands wont work